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Barilla Launches Food Innovation Hub and Venture Fund

A new venture capital fund and innovation hub, called Blu1877, was launched by the Italian food company Barilla Group to support innovators in creating the future of sustainable food.

“We are inspired by the joy of eating good food,” states the Blu1877 website. “Good food that supports people to live healthy lifestyles and leave a healthy planet to our children”

The name for Blu1877 reflects the color of Barilla’s product packaging and the year the company was founded. The group is seeking seed-level investments in products related to bakery goods, pasta, fruit-based products, condiments, sustainable and Mediterranean diets, and meal solutions. Companies will be able to use Barilla’s pilot plant for further development and small-batch production runs.

“With regards to piloting, prototyping, and producing, Blu1877 invites selected startups and accelerators to come to Italy to take advantage of our +100,000 square foot state-of-the-art pilot facility,” says Victoria Spadaro Grant, CEO and President of Blu1877, CTO at Barilla. “We also collaborate with the US and European food accelerators and incubators.”

Blu1877 will also provide access to an extensive food industry virtual network. This Open Innovation Hub includes food experts, such as agronomists, food technologists, marketers, and chefs, as well as incubators, accelerators, research centers, and organizations like the Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition (BCFN).

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