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CNC pushes associations to market crops online and ANTAD

Beyond assistance programs, the great challenge for 81% of the country’s agricultural production units, which is where poverty is located, is to achieve their link with the market so that they no longer depend on intermediaries.

In contrast to the other 19%, which is business agriculture that exports and keeps 80% of income, social production also has no financing, requires training and better conditions of access to seeds, fertilizers, machinery and social security.

Hence, on Tuesday, a project was approved without much dissemination by the council of the National Peasant Confederation (CNC) so that from within that group work on proposals that via the market would help the situation experienced by agricultural producers, ranchers and foresters.

The project is led by Ismael Hernández Deras, who took over the leadership of the CNC a year and 5 months ago, and who has long been preparing it with the support of expert Jaime Almonte. Basically, it is intended to generate new associative routes that help marketing in better conditions, with the support of a group with 80 years of history and presence in 32,000 ejidos.

With the consolidation of what is produced, the intention is to bring grains, vegetables, fruits, livestock, etc., to the consumer via the network.

There they will rely on the expertise of: abastoenlí, created by Clemente Cámara and directed by Carolina Vázquez, and who already uploads the products available at the Central de Abastos via the web.

The CNC will also have the support of ANTAD, chaired by Vicente Yáñez, present at the approval ceremony that was given to Hernández for this effort, like Larry Rubin by AmCham.

If the plan is successful, it must have a great impact, since the universe to be reached, in various phases, is more than 2 million producers, who are also seeking to train them to sow the most profitable, access futures in what financial to equip themselves and bio-inputs (seeds and fertilizers) for which an alliance with the Mexican firm GreenCorp led by Jesús Yáñez has already been tied.

So the CNC is in a new stage with a very interesting idea in favor of the work of 50% of the socially agricultural territory, traditionally marginalized, and that through associative figures it would have to work better than government programs, and not to mention the handouts.

Source- El Economista (Alberto Aguilar)

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