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Canada launches online consultations

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada wants Canadians to participate in a survey to help shape A Food Policy for Canada.

The government of Canada wants to know what matters most to Canadians when it comes to their food.

That’s why today Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) launched an online survey that is open to all Canadian consumers “to share their input to help shape a food policy that will cover the entire food system, from farm to fork.”

The government will use the input to create A Food Policy for Canada. In a statement, AAFC explains that the policy “is a way to address issues related to the production, processing, distribution and consumption of food.”

Canadians can access the survey at:

Food plays a critical role in the health and well-being of Canadians, while also having a direct impact on our environment, economy, and communities,” says Lawrence MacAuley, minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food.

“Developing this food policy is an exciting opportunity for Canadians to have their say about how government can help address those opportunities and challenges that exist in our food system.”

Canadian consumers are being asked to share their thoughts on four specific areas:

-increasing access to affordable food;
-improving health and food safety;
-conserving our soil, water, and air; and
-growing more high-quality food.

AAFC says A Food Policy for Canada will be the first of its kind for the government and “is a new step in the government’s mandate to taking a collaborative and broad-based approach to addressing food-related issues in Canada.”

The online feature is the first of a number of engagement activities the government has planned. “Feedback from the consultations will provide the federal government with a better understanding of Canadians’ priorities when it comes to food-related issues,” says AAFC.

The statement says the federal government also plans to hold other consultations through events taking plance in the coming months. One such event is the A Food Policy for Canada Summit, which takes place in Ottawa from June 22-23, 2017. The summit, says the AAFC, “is designed to provide a space for stakeholders, experts, and key policy makers to share views” on how they think A Food Policy for Canada should look.

Source: Food in Canada


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