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‘The taste of pesticides in wines’

The notorious Gilles-Eric Seralini published a paper recently called “The Taste of Pesticides in Wines.” As a part of the study, people were asked to choose a preference between organic and conventional wines. Okay, fine. But then the participants were given glasses of water, some of which were spiked with pesticides at doses purportedly found in bottles of wine. This is bizarre on so many levels.

For years, Seralini has claimed that ultra low levels of pesticides can be damaging, and he has co-authored numerous papers purporting to show this damage. Many (most?) of those papers have been scrutinized or dismissed by many in the scientific community for various reasons….


Seralini apparently believes that these pesticides at these levels are dangerous. So it isbaffling to me, that if he truly believes that these low doses are harmful, that he would knowingly ask 71 people to consume these pesticides….


After reading this paper twice, though, I still have no idea what they could taste, or how accurate they were at tasting it, or anything else really. The inconsistencies and weird data reporting and incomprehensible metrics and unreported observations made it impossible to even critique the paper in any meaningful way.

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