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Avocado is the “green gold” of Mexico’s exports

Avocado is one of the export products that gives more income to Mexico, even above the hydrocarbons in net terms. While the foreign trade of oil and its derivatives left Mexico in 2016 a deficit of US $ 13,163 million, while ‘green gold’ reported a surplus of US $ 2,220 million.

Last year, the record for fruit exports in both revenue and volume was reached, with 1,022 million tons placed in 31 countries where the United States accounts for 77% of the total.

Therefore, in Michoacán, the main state where it is grown, avocado growers are not afraid of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) renewal, because they know that exports will not fall, that the US Will continue to demand avocado; However, they are looking for other markets and taking advantage of the diversification they already have.

For example, if the relationship with the neighboring country is complicated, the producers of the fruit will go to Europe, or Japan, which is a large avocado consumer, although demanding in quality, but paying at a good price, said Juan Carlos Grayeb, producer.

“We have always been open to sell to other countries like Japan and France, because it is the entry for Europe. A few months ago we were in the Arabian Peninsula, it is very far, it is practically impossible to arrive, Grayeb affirmed.
Source: Mercopress

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