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EU invests to improve Colombia’s avocado production

The European Union will invest two million euros in several regions of Colombia, including the department of Antioquia, to strengthen the avocado production chain and improve the quality of production so as to increase its competitiveness in international markets. Another goal is to reduce quality gaps between micro, small, and medium enterprises in Colombia, which are financed by this international organization.

The execution of the project in Colombia will be led by the German Institute of Physical Metrology (Physilkalisch – Technische Bundesanstalt PBT) with the support of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, the INM, and the Colombian Institute of Technical Standards (Icontec).

The project will have the support of national and international experts and the extensive experience of the German Metrology Institute, all of which will seek to improve the measurement practices of MSMEs to impact the production and export of strategic products for the country, such as the Hass avocado and cocoa.

Antioquia produces 52.8% of the avocado that the country exports; this department produced 15,716 tons of the 30,009 tons that the country exported during 2018.

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