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President Trump Addresses American Farm Bureau Federation

President Trump addressed the crowd at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s (AFBF) Annual Convention & IDEAg Trade Show on Monday, January 8th.  The AFBF is celebrating 99 years of supporting American agriculture at this year’s meeting at the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center in Nashville, Tennessee.
“I’m so honored to be the first President to address the American Farm Bureau in more than 25 years,” said President Trump.  “We have been working every day to deliver for America’s farmers just as they work every single day to deliver for us.”

The President offered praise for the “hard work, grit, self-reliance and sheer determination” exhibited by the agricultural industry.  “We know our nation was founded by farmers.  Our independence was won by farmers.  Our continent was tamed by farmers.”

In his address to the crowd of nearly 5,000 AFBF members, President Trump noted the achievements of his administration in addressing many of the concerns faced by American farmers.  Noting that most of the benefits will be felt by working families, small businesses and family farmers, President Trump stated, “the American dream is roaring back to life and we’ve just signed into law the most significant tax cuts and reforms in American history.”  The President announced significant changes to the estate tax, known as the death tax, so Americans can “keep your farms in the family,” which was met by one of several standing ovations.

President Trump also said that within the first 11 months, his administration has canceled or delayed more than 1,500 planned regulatory actions, most notably the Waters of the United States rule.  “As we put money back in the pockets of all Americans, including our farmers and ranchers, we’re also putting an end to the regulatory assault on your way of life,” President Trump stated.

The President also spoke on the progress of the 2018 Farm Bill, NAFTA negotiations, and addressing the infrastructure needs of rural communities before finishing his address to the crowd.  “For America, there is no task too great, no goal too large, no dream beyond our reach.  We are witnessing a new era of patriotism, prosperity, and pride, and at the forefront of this exciting new chapter is the great American farmer,” President Trump concluded.

Once the President was finished speaking he signed two executive orders which will expedite requests to locate broadband facilities in rural areas and streamline the process of establishing cell towers on federal lands.

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